3 New postdoctoral members to our group

We welcome three new postdoctoral researchers to our group: 1. Dr. Diego Chavarro is leading the research: “Colombia and the fourth industrial revolution: the potential of physical engineering for the development of sustainable technologies.” 2. Dr. Yoder Suaza, who will be leading the research: “Determination of the energy spectrum and the optical response of quantumSigue leyendo “3 New postdoctoral members to our group”

New Proceedings – Journal of Physics: Conference Series 9th SAC and 1st ICNNN – Colombia 2019

IX symposium of applied chemistry and the first international conference of Nanochemistry, Nanophysics and Nanomedicine Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1541 (2020) 011001 – IOP Publishing doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1541/1/011001 Table of contents Volume 1541 2020 Previous issueNext issue IX Symposium of Applied Chemistry and I International Congress of Nanochemistry, Nanophysics and Nanomedicine 21-23 August 2019, Armenia, ColombiaSigue leyendo “New Proceedings – Journal of Physics: Conference Series 9th SAC and 1st ICNNN – Colombia 2019”

International Scientific Committees – (ASSCS2020)

2020 International Conference on Applied Social Science and Computational Science (ASSCS2020) is the important forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields. ASSCS2020 plans to gather together excellent researchers, engineers and scientists around the world to discuss the domain related and will take place in Shanghai, China during September 20-21,Sigue leyendo “International Scientific Committees – (ASSCS2020)”

Book performance metrics – Coatings and Thin-Film Technologies

The field of coatings and thin-film technologies is rapidly advancing to keep up with new uses for semiconductor, optical, tribological, thermoelectric, solar, security, and smart sensing applications, among others. In this sense, thin-film coatings and structures are increasingly sophisticated with more specific properties, new geometries, large areas, the use of heterogeneous materials and flexible andSigue leyendo “Book performance metrics – Coatings and Thin-Film Technologies”

Selected book chapter for Research Anthology

“Research Perspectives on Functional Micro and Nano Scale Coatings,” previously published in an IGI Global publication, was carefully assessed and selected by IGI Global’s executive editorial board for inclusion as a reprinted chapter in the recently published IGI Global research anthology titled Data Analytics in Medicine. IGI Global’s research anthologies, also called “Critical Explorations”, wereSigue leyendo “Selected book chapter for Research Anthology”


Jaime Andrés Pérez Taborda, investigador posdoctoral del Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica de la Universidad de los Andes, es uno de los ganadores de Innovadores menores de 35 Latinoamérica 2019 de MIT Technology Review por su participación en el proyecto Monitoreo de Agua Ciudadano. Un proyecto en el que trabajan miembros de la Facultad de Ingeniería ySigue leyendo “UNA APUESTA POR LA SALUD DEL AGUA”

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